What Can I Expect When Switching to PLDF Dog Food?

An adjustment period is expected for all dogs, especially those who have been eating kibble or commercial dog food for long periods of time. Do not worry, this just means that your dogs’ digestive system is detoxifying. Your dog may experience some diarrhea or flatulence for a few days, regurgitating food or vomiting up parts of a meal can be normal as well.  Your pet’s body is simply ridding itself of the toxins that have built up over time. A good trick to help speed up the process is using our vegetarian meals as transition meals; this will help rebuild healthy enzymes in the stomach as it prepares itself to digest natural unprocessed foods. You can also start off by doing a 24-hr fast and always providing plenty of exercise and fresh water. Some dogs may have a longer detox periods, especially if they are on any type of medication (allergy or other).

 Adding probiotics to the diet can also help restore good bacteria in their system and increase immunity. You can do this by adding some plain yogurt (Greek or regular) or Kefir to the meals or as a treat.


What is a raw dog food diet?

A raw dog food diet is essentially food that is species appropriate according to their digestive system and biology. Every species on earth should be eating a biologically appropriate diet. Dogs are so closely related to wolves that they share an identical digestive system. Raw meats balanced with naturally sourced ingredients compose a nutrient dense diet close to what they would eat in the wild. It is 100% safe for dogs to eat raw meat because the enzymes and bacteria in their stomachs are designed to safely break down raw protein and minimally unprocessed foods.


Is it safe for my dog (s) to eat raw meat?

The dogs’ digestive system is equipped and designed to safely process raw proteins, thanks to the enzymes and bacteria in their stomachs. On top of that, we only use the highest quality ingredients, including fresh, human grade quality meat, reducing any risks. Some might even say that your dog will be eating better than you on PLDF meals. In addition, your dog’s gut is much shorter than that of a human. This means that even if your dog reacts to an indigestion, it will pass very quickly.


Can I cook the raw meals before feeding my dog?

No! PLDF raw meals should be served as intended. Our meals contain ground and minced bones for collagen and calcium needs, cooking these may cause even small fragments to become brittle or sharp.  Certain recipes may be cooked, however cooking the food will reduce the benefits. A raw diet is the optimal option because heat alters & reduces most vitamins, minerals & enzymes. Some picky eaters will enjoy a cooked option, PLDF will soon have those available for you.


How long will Raw Food keep?

Your PLDF meals should arrive frozen, if the food has partially defrosted by the time you are ready to put it in the freezer, you can refreeze it safely. When kept frozen, PLDF raw dog food can be stored for up to 9-12 months. Once defrosted, we do not recommend keeping it for more than 2-3 days in your fridge. Remember all our meals are made from fresh ingredients, this means that you should store your PLDF meals just like you would keep meat & produce purchased from a supermarket.


Are raw bones safe for my dog to eat?

Raw bones are completely safe for dogs to eat but cooked bones are NOT. As a rule of thumb, you should not feed your dog cooked bones as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp potentially causing discomfort in the gut.


Can feeding Raw Food give my dog bacteria?

Dogs eating raw meat aren’t more at risk of getting any type of bacteria than dogs on any other diets. Your dog is more likely to catch a bug at the dog park or on a walk checking out the pit-stops of other dogs.


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