The PLDF diet is a biologically appropriate, primarily “RAW FOOD” option that provides the cleanest and most complete nutrition for your dog. Each portion is prepared with 100% fresh “human-grade” quality ingredients: raw meat, complemented by offal, ground bone, vegetables, fruits, oils, supplements & herbs. PLDF meals are rich in delicious superfoods.

Use our easy calculator to estimate the quantity of food your dog will need. Keep in mind, each container is about 450 g (1 lb). Depending on your dog’s dietary requirements, you can choose any of the meals below. (Check out our quick guide in the “NEW TO RAW” section).

Our solution for busy dog-owners? PLDF premade boxes. These pre-selected meals come in packs of 15lbs or 30 lbs. There are different boxes to cater to your various needs and make your life easier.

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