Pure Love Dog Food isn’t just another raw dog food company, it’s a venture that came from a personal need. A few years ago, we adopted two very loving pups, Simba & Gia. Sadly, they both suffered tremendously from different health issues. Simba had lots of allergies and Gia’s digestive system was very irritable. After searching long and hard for a balanced diet that would meet our dogs’ needs, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We took the time to learn about canine nutrition and then we came up with what we consider to be the best possible recipes for optimal canine health.

After 60 days on their PLDF meals, our dogs were completely changed! Simba’s allergies were reduced by 90% and Gia’s weight stabilized. Now, we firmly believe the PLDF way is the best way to go for optimal canine nutrition. All dogs, young and old, can benefit from eating vitamins and nutrients that come directly from the source. PLDF has no extras or ingredients you can’t pronounce – it’s real food. As dog owners ourselves, we care because we know what it’s like. We want to share what helped our dogs to be the healthiest versions of themselves. And guess what? Your dog can live their best life too! Our system is simple - fresh blends delivered from our kitchen to your doorstep. That’s it!



Our fresh blends have everything your dog needs to stay fit, healthy and have a happy tummy.

We have carefully selected each ingredient used in PLDF to ensure it is of the highest quality available. Every component helps complete your dog’s natural diet – whether they’re a puppy or adult. We combine a high portion of fresh, human-grade quality meat with our unique array of vegetables, nutritional herbs, and oils to create a complete dog food with all the nutrients a dog needs. PLDF has no additives, fillers, conservation agents or artificial vitamin supplementation.

We always put your dog’s health first and we make each meal with a little (or a lot) of extra love.

Please note that PLDF does not make any medicinal claims about its products, none of which are prescription diets or medicines. We simply recommend and support a natural feeding and the many benefits it can offer.