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Why a raw diet?

In order to get a proper understanding of canine nutrition, it’s important to understand that the wolf is the dog’s ancestor. If there’s one thing we can tell you, it’s that although the two species are separated by about 15,000 years, they share a lot more in common than we may think.  Dogs like wolves are carnivores, they are built to digest a natural diet found in the wild. Although we’ve altered their cognitive behaviors to better suit our needs, their physiological and nutritional requirements remain the same as their ancestors. The processed foods we have become accustomed to feeding our dogs today are packed with grains and fillers that they do not have the appropriate digestive system to digest. In addition, these foods are processed at very high temperatures which become breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria that can harm your dog’s gut. A disturbed gut becomes a primary source of many health problems such as: digestive problems, allergies, obesity, diabetes, pancreatic, kidney failures, etc. All these awful potential health problems are avoidable and reversible.

Benefits of a Pure Love diet
Healthier gums
and teeth

A natural diet improves your dog’s oral health and decreases oral plaque/bacteria tremendously!  Which also means: clean and fresh doggie breathe. 

Healthier skin
and coat 

As we stated earlier, grains are the most common allergen to dogs. Changing their diet means a shinier coat, improved skin and less shedding/itching. 

Improved immune

A balanced raw diet means your dog will absorb all the vitamins and nutrients through it’s gut which in turn builds a healthy and strong immune system, stronger and more resistance to disease. 


All natural meals means your dog will no longer have irritable bowls, big “kibble food” poops, or strong odour stools. Yes, we promise, this is actually possible.


A non processed diet will allow your dog to be more energetic, more playful, less sluggish/lazy because the digestion process is a lot faster on a raw diet than it is on a kibble diet. 

The PLDF promise

Our fresh blends have everything that your dog requires to stay fit, healthy and have a happy tummy.
  We have carefully selected every ingredient used in pure love dog food to be of the highest available quality. Each component has been chosen to complete your dog’s natural diet, puppy and adult alike. By combining a high portion of fresh, human grade meat with our unique range of vegetables, nutritional herbs, and oils we have been able to create the first complete dog food to contain every nutrient a dog needs without any additives, fillers, conservation agents or artificial vitamin supplementation.
​​ Pure Love always puts your dog’s health first and makes each meal with a little (or a lot) of extra love.
  Please note that pure love dog food does not make any medicinal claims about its products, none of which are prescription diets or medicines. We simply support and recommend a natural feeding and the benefits it may bring.

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Allergy prone dogs 
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