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Pick the perfect meal for your dog

What we do

We engineer each meal with the perfect amount of fresh, AAA meats along with our unique range of vegetables, fruits, nutritional herbs, supplements and oils. The result is a fully balanced doggie super food.

We then weigh and pack each 1lb container to prepare them for delivery. Each meal is stored fresh until it reaches our hungry friends. 

What YOU do

 Use our feeding calculator to find out how much raw dog food you need. Place your order online and have it delivered at your door.

Simply thaw the containers you wish to feed your dog and freeze the ones that you want to store.

My dog's Harlow and Xena love their Pure Love Dog Food! I've been feeding my dogs raw food for the last few months and the benefits are amazing! We recently switched to Pure Love Dog Food because it included not only protein, bone and organs, but vegetables and different oils like coconut and oregano. Their coats are so shiny, they have healthy and fewer poo's. I love their packaging! It makes proportioning their meals so much easier and I know they are getting everything they need!

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Meals their bodies are made for

  • High quality meats, antibiotic, hormone and steroid free

  • No preservatives, fillers or ingredients you can't pronounce

  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Vitamins and supplements drawn directly from the source

chicken and veggie

Chicken & Veggies

chicken and veggie

Beef, Chicken & Veggies

chicken and veggie

Beef & Veggies

chicken and veggie

Veggie Mix

chicken and veggie

Turkey & Veggies

chicken and veggie

Salmon & Veggies

chicken and veggie

Horse & Veggies


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