Welcome to the #PLDF pack! We’re really glad you’ve joined us! At Pure Love Dog Food we believe the most important thing in a dog’s life after their human’s love is their diet. Our mission is to offer the very best canine nutrition so that your pup can live the healthiest & happiest life. 


Here are a few important reminders:

  1. Our meals are always prepared fresh but frozen to be able to get them to you. You can choose to either thaw the meals in your fridge (expect 24h defrosting time) or you can thaw them on your counter/in sink for 4-5 hours & refrigerate once thawed.
  2. Choose a transition method (we prefer cold turkey) but you can either gradually transition your pup with his current food, or you can simply stop your dog’s current food and start a PLDF diet right away. Transitioning calls for 1-3 days of gastrointestinal adjustments, some dogs are more sensitive than others but ultimately the most common side effect to expect from switching diets is a little diarrhea. Allow your dog the full 3 days of adjusting in order to start seeing real results. Our vegetarian meals are also a great way to transition from previous food to raw meals. (Who doesn’t like a little quinoa and lentil?)
  3. We’re proud to say that our meals expire. We don’t add any preservatives, additives or stuff you can’t pronounce which means they have a short (and normal) shelf life. 9 months in freezer and 4 days in fridge.

Being part of the #PLDF pack is not only healthy, it’s also fun. Don’t forget to sign up for an account on our website so you can take advantage of our rewards program :

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