Beginner's Box

Pre-made boxes of 15 or 30 lbs containers - to make things easier.

Welcome to the pack! Let’s start you off on the right paw. This box is the perfect way to let your pup try a bit of everything so they let you know what they like best. If you’re switching your dog from kibble, or any other diet, this meal box is a great choice. The vegetarian meals also serve as an excellent transition from one diet to another, as they help clean and prepare the gut, avoiding indigestion.

What’s included: 3 vegetarian, 2 chicken, 2 mixed( beef x chicken), 2 beef, 2 turkey, 2 horse, 2 salmon
(2x for a box of 30)

450g / 1LBS per container 

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Delivery: Approx 2-5 business days.